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Seriously why should anytime care about the military industrial complex.

The healthcare industrial complex is far larger and more entrenched. It controls the bodies EVERY American, not just a few farmers in certain places in certain countries who have access to certain minerals, oil, or drugs.

the HIC decides the bodily autonomy of every person. They decide for every person who gets treatment, and for what. They track every issue you've ever had, and decide if you're worthy of things like driving or owning a gun.

No no, make no mistake, the MIC is bad, but it is negligible in it's affect compared to the HIC.

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Almost as outrageous as janitors getting paid as much as they do. How much is a mop and a bucket? $20 for a good one, yet janitors earn far more than that in a single day. People should be paid whatever their work equipment cost.

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A red pill that just blew my mind.

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What about the team of people making the javelin?

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Nothing new. Tennessee Ernie Ford knows all about it:

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The Javelin is an anti-tank missile so it probably wouldn't be fired at a single trooper.

Even if it were, do you think the guy making less than $80,000/yr who's firing it doesn't think his life is worth saving if he doesn't have to engage his enemy directly? He might have a wife and children at home and his income over his lifetime contributed to them will be worth way more than $80,000. Basically you're saying that you don't think that trooper's life is worth $80,000.

This meme is dumb.

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The image is indeed oversimplified and inaccurate.

The idea behind the meme is that there is a lot of money being wasted in warfare.
Money that can never be paid by the people actually in the war.
So who is paying this money, and how are they involved in the war.

That is why I reference to the debt-economy.
The banks and their friends are giving out money to both parties,
so one can buy a old truck and the other a javelin to shoot the truck.
(Only in some occasions there will be a tank when bigger countries are involved).
And to pay off the debt, both parties will have to steal from each other or do other illegal actions.
One group will start harvesting drugs and the other will start stealing oil fields.

In the modern economy this has gone so far that the world-economies
are basically the consequences on this illegal behavior.
Most of the occupation is about oil and other resources.
Most of the income of 3rd world countries comes from illegal trades or garbage dumps.