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another dumb as fuck article. sorry, you gotta do better than that.

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you have a choice of words that is offensive to many.. instead of using foul cursing languages why not use the same energy to ask jesus to forgive your sins?

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"Another dumb as fuck article" is rather rude, but also perhaps the nicest way to refer to this disinformation. (Drone activities in Somalia continue as usual; which shouldn't happen, but that's not "ramping up" anything.)

If you're not already familiar with 'Tenth Amendment Center', you can see that the articles focus on disinformation and extreme right-wing propaganda.

Perhaps also see:

Thank you very much for introducing me to this website, which I nominate for /s/ShitpostNews. EDIT: here's the nomination

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are you one of those crazy qanon people?

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Do you see everything as though it were backwards?

(Your use of helps identify you as a potential QAnon fanboy.)

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what is a tenth amendment?

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Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

(The website,, promotes distrust in the federal government and attempts to reduce its size, so that corporations can avoid regulations, and thereby abuse people much much more without government oversight. is funded by these corporations, as well as Republicans who also want less government oversight so that they can continue with corruption.)

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promotes distrust in the federal government and attempts to reduce its size,

oh my gawd no, you do not want to do that, unless of course you are a foreign or domestic enemy of the united states of america(which i am not)..

you NEVER want to undermine the smooth operating status of your own government, i believe that might be where you start to bleed over into violating our TREASON LAWS...

I understand that the penalties for this crime can be somewhat severe.

i do not advise to even joke about such things..

kindest of regards, i am sure.

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Just a heads up, socks is basically a troll.

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Or both of you have no idea how you're being played by these extreme right wing propaganda websites and groups. For example, think of what a much smaller Federal government and authoritarianism will do for you. Bendo over....

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promotes distrust in the federal government and attempts to reduce its size

This is an outrage! How can they be allowed to spread this type of blasphemy and heresy?? Burn them at the stake already, authority must never be questioned!

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So you agree that corporations, states, education, environment, water, health, human rights &c should have no federal oversight, so that the 99% can be abused by authoritarians in the states? If you like that, move to Florida.

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so that the 99% can be abused by authoritarians in the state

Federal oversight does not equal preventing abuse of power. By most metrics the most egregious abuse of authority is committed by centralized power. Your statement implies that the Fed is beyond being corrupted by corporate special interests......well I've got news for you little guy.

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It is Biden's first time bombing here. (as a president) Although business as usual for the unfortunate people in Ethiopia who America has been bombing for years now, it is a very significant move for a post 9/11 American President's administration and has become an unofficial tradition where he declares which of the wars he thinks sucks and which he like the best and would like to make his own.

In s political sense Biden has broken up with Afghanistan and is now going steady with Ethiopia. He will of course still bang Afghanistan on the side regularly of course and also bang other countries on he side, but nothing official just a casual thing. Kinda on he DL, but everyone pretty much knows its not widely accepted as true.

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It's hilarious that people assume a US president has any real power in geopolitics, as if Biden were a Bond villain, plotting world domination, stroking his Persian pussy while pressing buttons that open trap doors and his guests fall into a shark infested pool. That said, perhaps he'd not have so many haters if this were the case. McConnell would be shark bait. Bwaahaahaa!

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I think Biden is a bumbling idiot. We both know that he is one, it's why you laughed so hard. He has no use, except to manipulate the public. Trump was the same, as were the last five Presidents. They've all been one big joke.

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I wonder if nobody will my comment or if its just going to be you two...

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Sorry. I don't know what to tell you. I wish it weren't so.

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OK - if we can stop focusing on Biden as a Bond villain, let's look at the bombing in the appropriately broad context, which extends back several decades. After the "Cold War" (if it really ended), c. 1990, the US military complex continued to offer support for 3rd-world and developing countries that wanted regime change or other kinds of US support. This became an income stream for those countries, even if some of the support was in goods and services. To keep that support from drying up, many in those countries continued their religious wars, genocide &c (though many in the conflicts were not looking at the geopolitical rationale of their leaders). For the US military industrial compled this was a win - win. They had a new reason to exist (at great expense to the tax payer), while also fomenting war abroad, and and as those conflicts began to involve wealthier countries (for various reasons that would require an essay), those wealthier countries would buy trillions in military technology from the US. Rinse, repeat.

Did the Bden Administration do anything to stop this trend by the US mlitary industrial complex. It seems: no. That said, they did continue with the pull-out of Afghanistan - at great political cost - which must have pissed off the military. Repuglicans who continually called for the pull-out are now saying that Biden single-handedly fucked up, because we should have stayed in Afghanistan. The BIGGEST problem with American politics is that so many voters forget about their own history, as they have the attention spans of a gnat in heat.

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Biden is no more of a bond villain than Trump, Obama or Bush. They are all purveyors of war as were Clinton and Bush 1.

My comment was a funny way of describing he bullshit theatrics performed by each president since 9/11 all of whom have furthered foreign aggression on their particular chosen illegal wars while scaling down a particular war to appear to be making changes and creating a false debate of which party is ending wars and which is furthering the MIC interests and expanding foreign military intervention. I am not interested in that debate.

Go right ahead and defend your guy cause he is on your team and continue to be a part of the enabling that allows for these never ending wars to continue and ensures the white house is occupied by friends of the war party on either side of the isle.

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He's not "my guy"; he's helping others pass a jobs bill. Republicans who are lobbying to defeat the jobs bill are traitors to the 99% (as usual). Republicans guilty of treason treason. Biden and others who support the jobs bill (and supported the election reform bill) are the ones who are trying to help the 99%. It's that simple.

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The problem is: why focus on Biden, when you know that the Military Industrial Complex has been running that geopolitical show for over a century (not the President)? Those who blame Presidents for US military intervention seem to have no idea about the network that causes US military intervention. It's the damn 1% doing this. The Executive Branch is a very small part of that network. If you want to criticize Biden, ask about what he's doing to limit that network. Like his predecessors: not much.

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You are a clown. Fuck Biden, Trump, Obama, Bush, and Clinton. They deserve to be put on trial and exiled to an island with no vegetation, with cameras watching so we can see how quickly they fall into cannibalism and rape.

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Are you having trouble following the Saidit guidelines? Also, none of this addresses my comment.

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I am going to call you vile until the day one of us gets banned. I do not do this with other users except for obvious astroturfers like you.

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I'm not in the habit of asking people who never existed to forgive me. Also, anyone who is offended by words is a weak fucking bitch. If that last sentence offended you, you know which category you're in.

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That was THE reason he quit Afghanistan! It's well known. And THE other reason SYRIA. YES. The same country which has been neocons/ neolibs to do list - their vast grand plan!

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C'mon man! Who actually thinks that Biden is calling any shots? Biden is barely in control of his bowels let alone a country!

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biden isn't doing shit. let us be clear, there are controllers, they do in fact controller nearly all the 'power' in the form of governments.

there 'power' is shakey in the form that they must convince us to go along with their stupid shit, doesn't matter how many lies it takes, if you buy them

shine a light on this

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Sooner or later all these foreign countries are going to realize the CIA are spying on them via their cellphones and using their same phone as a location or homing beacon for a drone launched missile.