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You both seem to be arguing your point just fine. I suggest you stop speaking to him if it's causing you that much stress. Report future comments you have problems with using the reporting system so the mods can see it too

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He's the mod...

And I really don't appreciate the ad hominem that he lays on

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Yes, I went over all this with the Mod of this forum and we came to the conclusion that this is causing you a great deal of undue stress for both you and the Mod. And in spite this situation you have been allowed to continue to make something of an ass of yourself, without sanction, censure, or banishment.

You have been given all the leeway you want or need - in spite of being asked to leave off you continue to bully and fight.

And yet, you have not been banned, or silenced in any way.

You have have had your say. Your day in court as it were.

And no wrong has been found on the mods part. I/we think you should find somebody else to badger.


The Mod Team

Edit: since this didnt work like you planned, you are more than welcome to go tell your mommy on me. I'm sure she could give me a stern talking to.