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innocent until proven guilty or otherwise.

feels like a smear campaign anyways, lol

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You forgot to say "Fake News!" Isn't that what you say about news you dont like? Fake News?

I dont like that so it's :"Fake News?"

Say it for me just once!! :D

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fakenews, rofl :D

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It comes from Daily Beast, so I wouldn't be surprised to learn it's a 100% fabrication.

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What kind of loser doesn't want hookers and blow?

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Omar Navarro, Rally organizer-Adrienna Dicioccio, Proud Boys chairman -Enrique Tarrio.

What's up with all those Hispanic grown ass men calling themselves boys and trying so hard to be part of white supremacist groups?

It gets better: “A punk-ass bitch named Omar Navarro is running his fucking mouth, and he’s about to get the smackdown, know what I’m saying,” Biggs said, adding that Navarro was attacking the Proud Boys because “he can’t satisfy his motherfucking woman.” -former InfoWars staffer Joe Biggs.

A 'white', Hispanic called Omar, info wars. Lorraine, a cokehead whore according to Omar. That pedo, Greek guy Milo who is not a thing anymore and was replaced by new poster boy Shapiro.

You can't make that shit up!

Op, I owe you. I'm laughing my ass off.