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the extreme level of mortification my entire being felt when trumpo was elected pales only in comparison to the utter horror when realization sunk in that all the people upset over his offensiveness didn't care about this shit in the decades prior when other offensive grotesqueries were in charge.

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Never in my life have I seen so much small minded meanness than I do in this day and age. It is almost like the stage was set. Because yea, no other time in history could this man have been elected. is this what eight years of class brings out of Americans? FOX news and the Republican party Poisoned this nation with their hate and vitriol and disgusting tactics and now we have a nation out of control with it.

I thought we were evolving into something better. More Noble.

We took a giant step forward and then six back.

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Strongly agree sir, although I have little faith in "the other side" (read: democratic party). They had ample opportunity in the first of Mr Obamas terms to address the financial violations of 2008. Nothing. Happened! I voted for the gentleman.....hope....... and waited; change........and waited....yes we we won't. I know, I know, lesser of two evils etc etc. My heart and soul cries for compassion for all living things; meaning, the business class (both parties) should be eliminated....if only. I will strive and work for this goal with all personal energy. Mr Trump has opened the gates of chaos and there is no closing them. Lock down for Armageddon.

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This site is unusable with the constant cloudflare interruptions.

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Growing pains. I'm sure they will fix it in the near future. Hang in there.