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Reddit it is choc full of 'people' who have unrealistically human views now. So, so many of the people leaving comments are so pro-establishment that I'm always left wondering - Why haven't I met you in real life? You know? Not even my grandparents hold views like much of Reddit supposedly does.

Totally compromised website.

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I agree, and hope there is enough critical threshold going here to spur some transfers of the non-faux folks. I don't really even bother to post much over there anymore. It's utterly useless because they don't seem real, or are NOT out to debate/convince but attack and scream loudly over you, while magic down votes come in unorganically.

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attack and scream loudly over you

I've found the same thing. And funnily enough just this morning I was watching a years old news thing about government computers being used as sockpuppets way, way back - '05 after Katrina, when people were critical of the government's (lack of) response. So it turns out a favourite tactic of these goons was being extremely verbally insulting.

When you've got no argument to defend, I guess the only thing you can do is attack.

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We totally agree with you, which is why the main criteria for banning people on this website is that they regularly drag discussion down on the "hierarchy of debate":

If people regularly drag discussion up the pyramid, they are highly valued on saidit. We're looking forward to seeing more non-faux reddit migrants over the coming weeks and months.

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Yeah, the virtue signalling is out of control, I like the way you worded it: unrealistically human. Such a great way of putting it.