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If everyone has their own gender pronoun, it implies that ones gender is unique to oneself. If this were true, gender would no longer be a reliable source of social identity. And that's the game. Piece by piece, everything that contributes to ones identity will be stripped away from society. On the surface it seems justified: nobody wants to be defined by their race, gender, or class. But when you remove these concepts from a society we can no longer celebrate our differences nor be united by our commonalities. A society of people that have no differences is a society of people that are all the same. Where does the individual fit into such a society? Can we even be individual if we are all the same? This dissolution of the self is the hidden motivation behind the postmodernist SJW movement within our already egalitarian society. It is an attack on individualism and a step toward our enslavement.

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You can call me THX 1138

Agree with you completely.