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I know there was an automoderator in one sub that had code which could detect bots and shills bu linking similet names. Like if someone registered as 1AB34A that would be placed in spam and thr automoderator would message the user to see if he/she was real. Or someone registers gaydads22 and is banned only to re-register with gaydads27. It will detect that. Not sure about coding that though.

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Interesting. We may end up doing something like that. We will have to see what kind of attacks are employed against us, that will probably play a big role in what defenses we develop.

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Might be worthwhile contacting to see how they're handling this ongoing DDOS attack. Better to know how to deal with that in advance.

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Well they have cloudflare protection for DDOS attacks, which is what we have too. We can turn it on anytime. So we're actually prepared for a DDOS right now, should one happen