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You may want to limit the number of subs any one person can create/control to prevent the typical monopolies and power plays. Ideally people will create subs to create discussions rather then as a land rush to grab territory.

And somewhat related, can just anyone check the top subreddits (subverses) list and then replicate them here? Or any notable site name, for that matter. r/NYTimes? r/DailyStormer?

You may already have policies on this. If not, something to consider. I'll bet you have a fun to do list.

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Yes, this is perfect. Not sure if it should be based on time only or the number of created subs. Also, what is a good way of combating shills that want to compromise a sub by being mods. Thr problem with voat and reddit is that most of the mods are compromised.

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Don't know of any 'good' ways. Basically have to monitor them for a while, just to get a sense of what the person operating the account is like. Still pretty easy for shills to wear a good guy mask while situating themselves.

Let's face it, unpaid positions requiring work need some kind of compensation. It's too easy for that to be the power that comes from controlling the dialog.

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Very true.