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This gets caught in my mouth. Subreddit flows, I think you should keep trying. Sorry, not being negative and I hesitated posting because I don't have a better suggestion.

For real though, this is the inception, think of how subs or Subreddit is the "brand" of reddit. This is an important decision. It has to be made soon but has to be wise. Wish I were wise enough to add a suggestion...

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Yeah it is a bit rough to pronounce, that's true, but thankfully it's usually just typed and read.

I think after weighing all the options personally I'm heavily leaning towards /x/ and then thinking we can call them subXes or subantiextremes to use the full expanded name. That both ties in to the site name and rolls off the tongue more easily.

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I have a voice in my head when I read, I know, sounds creepy. I like the way /x/ looks but calling it either of those is clunky when the inner-voice reads it.

Can you use a symbol instead of a letter? Like a star or something? Symbology is super catchy as a brand, just ask any corporate logo!

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nope, internal vocalization is a thing. but I think keeping it simple is important.