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Because someone took advantage of an exploit in the reddit open source (that has since been fixed by us) and registered a bunch of subs, when they're not supposed to be able to register subs. Plus they obviously don't have the best motives, they even registered the /r/magnora7 subreddit for themselves, as well as simultaneously registering the nazi subreddit and the antifa subreddit, and many more highly-inflammatory subreddits, basically with the obvious purpose of trolling (they registered a 'trolling' subreddit as well as topmindsofreddit and topmindsofantiextremes).

This person obviously wants to take control and stir things up, so we have removed them and their subreddits. Our community doesn't need this person around poisoning the well, so we're taking measures to correct this. We don't need bad actors running large portions of this site, that's exactly how voat was taken in such a bad direction. Sorry for any trouble in the meantime while we get this issue sorted to ensure we have a good quality community going forward.

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Thanks for the reply!

Also I would like to tell you that the page hasn't been done yet.

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Oh okay. Thanks. How did you find that link? Where is the link posted? I'll make it point to something useful.

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Open one of the banned subs. Click on Reddit Rules ;)

It points to /rules, but then you get redirected there

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Ah thank you!

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There I fixed it. :) Thanks again for the report and the details, much appreciated. Everything now links to /r/AntiExtremes/comments/63/antiextremescom_content_policy/