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Thanks for the feedback. We actually have those behaviors already functional in our RES plugin equivalent, called RESAE.

However it currently only works in chrome and requires chrome extensions to be in 'developer mode' to install the zip file for RESAE. You can see more info here:

We may eventually try to build those features directly in to the site, and we are working to get RESAE in to the extensions store so developer mode is not necessary, but for now we're using this setup with RESAE to give us lots more features. Check it out!

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Firefox here, trying my best to keep google from getting my information, haha. But if you guys decide to put out a Firefox extension, I would definitely be interested!

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Ah yeah, we've got nothing there so far, sorry. If porting RESAE to firefox is easy, we'll probably do that in the next week or two. If it's not easy, then we may just start building these features directly in to the site, which will probably take months to complete.

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Hey, having a greater degree of freedom regarding communication is worth a slight inconvenience given the context. Hopefully more people who come here will feel the same!