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We are transitioning away from the term subreddit

voat is filled with hate, but there is truth there sometimes, but it's drowned out by people looking for a hate echochamber mostly.

That's my opinion, but if you think voats so great, then by all means go hang out there.

I've been on reddit 10 years, so I think I have a decent handle on the situation, but I'm always taking user input if you have something more specific to say.

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no, itsd not filled with hate, thats disinformation, by saying that, this site you have created is already filled by blind hate.

its reddit thats filled with hate, and you created this site on the foundation of hate, fear and disinformation.

and you have been on the reddit you once used to know, for 7, maybe 8 years. you've been on cuckit for 3 years, lol.

actually research voat, before you place your label blindly, lol.

the real hate is on reddit, voat is a collection of memes.

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I tried voat. My experiences don't match your words. There was more unproductive vitriol than I care to expose myself to.

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Agreed. As far as my experience with Voat goes, it was filled with anger, hater, bigotry, vitriol.....etc. (but hey, perhaps it's different now, I haven't been there in quite a while, so I can't judge really).

If one wants a productive space for conversation, one needs to move away from any kind of hate. Intelligent conversation cannot flourish with unchecked anger going around.