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I softened up the wording about voat in the OP post, because perhaps it was worded a bit harshly. I just hate voat because it was supposed to be the chosen one, and it became messed up so badly so fast. Sometimes good things leak through, but it's honestly painful to read.

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nah, it didnt go either way, rofl. thats reddit's disinformation, you need to unlearn what you have learned.

rly learn, jdont just hunt for the few legit hate posts. reddit did go left extreme, and voat has its own path, what voat is, is people enjoying the ability to post freely, on any subcuckit. they would see a sub ban at the least.

alot of people seen voat for what it is, and hopped on board, this is where the voat hate came into play.

old code, dont judge a book by its cover, rofl. except nobody seems to follow that code anymore, its instantly labeled as racist or extremist.

and that banana post is not legit hate, thats a meme.

its a joke, and its not on the front page, lol.

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reddit is RHP, voat is LHP, æ is MHP

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