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no, itsd not filled with hate, thats disinformation, by saying that, this site you have created is already filled by blind hate.

its reddit thats filled with hate, and you created this site on the foundation of hate, fear and disinformation.

and you have been on the reddit you once used to know, for 7, maybe 8 years. you've been on cuckit for 3 years, lol.

actually research voat, before you place your label blindly, lol.

the real hate is on reddit, voat is a collection of memes.

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I've spent dozens of hours on voat. There's always some front-page post about hating black people, and it has 100 upvotes and no downvotes. Every time I go. It's not even intelligent racism, it's just cherrypicking followed by generalizations, 9 times out of 10. Plus many people on there still believe in Trump... It's just not that great. You may think so, that's okay, but I'm not happy with it (just like I'm not happy with reddit) which is part of what inspired me to create this new place, where maybe people can be a little more intelligent. But that's just my dream. I remember what reddit was 5+ years ago, and I'm trying to regenerate that sort of a community, because it was awesome and very high quality and I think it can be done again.

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disinformation, i havent seen any black hate posts rofl. you mustve had to rly dig to find legit hate, lol.

anyways, freedom of speech, you've already defeated yourself and the cause of this site if you make a mountain out of the few.

btw, bad recruiting tactic, you dont tell peeps to gtfo just cause you dont like what they have to say, squished.

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Currently on the front page, 88 up, 6 down. Clearly just blind racism.

Thanks for your comments.

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thats a meme, gg, away with your lies.

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So racism is okay as long as it's in meme format? Lol ok man

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putting words in my mouth? lol, ok man. but this post you just made, shows this site is already extremist, checkmated, gg.

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That is what you are implying.

I'd ask you treat this website and conversations on it with more respect in the future please.

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no it isnt, im saying its a joke, this isnt racism here, its what your lies are implying.

freedom of speech, i'd advise you to not try censoring in the future please. your the one who needs to learn respect.

again checkmated, gg.

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Jokes can be racist, bro.

If you don't take seriously the pyramid of debate mentioned in the OP, we take action. We don't tolerate shilling, trolling, or blind hatred here.

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I tried voat. My experiences don't match your words. There was more unproductive vitriol than I care to expose myself to.

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Agreed. As far as my experience with Voat goes, it was filled with anger, hater, bigotry, vitriol.....etc. (but hey, perhaps it's different now, I haven't been there in quite a while, so I can't judge really).

If one wants a productive space for conversation, one needs to move away from any kind of hate. Intelligent conversation cannot flourish with unchecked anger going around.

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What use is a collection of memes?

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I softened up the wording about voat in the OP post, because perhaps it was worded a bit harshly. I just hate voat because it was supposed to be the chosen one, and it became messed up so badly so fast. Sometimes good things leak through, but it's honestly painful to read.

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nah, it didnt go either way, rofl. thats reddit's disinformation, you need to unlearn what you have learned.

rly learn, jdont just hunt for the few legit hate posts. reddit did go left extreme, and voat has its own path, what voat is, is people enjoying the ability to post freely, on any subcuckit. they would see a sub ban at the least.

alot of people seen voat for what it is, and hopped on board, this is where the voat hate came into play.

old code, dont judge a book by its cover, rofl. except nobody seems to follow that code anymore, its instantly labeled as racist or extremist.

and that banana post is not legit hate, thats a meme.

its a joke, and its not on the front page, lol.

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reddit is RHP, voat is LHP, æ is MHP

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