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Awesome, is there anyway to combat users using dozens of alteregos? If you spot a shill based on their history and the communities agreement, what stops them from having multiple new accounts for them to spam, as this was and is the number one problem at voat and most subs on reddit.

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There are several layers of protection we have against this, but cloudflare is one of them. We can even turn on cloudflare DDOS protection if we need to, as voat has been doing for the last month or so.

Plus their behavior on the pyramid of debate will expose them. And if there's an IP associated with those, and it's causing a lot of troubles, we will ban the IP.

A lot of this will have to play out as it happens, there are limitations to the protections. But there are methods for every layer of attack, and while none of them are perfect, I believe if we form a tight community and remove bad actors on a regular basis, we can sustain a higher quality of conversation than there is on voat or reddit.