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I don't know, honestly. We suspect there is a some harvesters, possibly. There's a lot of code we're going through and learning what's what. I'd say I understand about 40% of the code right now, in terms of the overall structure, there's quite a lot more to comb through, imo.

I can guarantee you though that if we find data tracking stuff we will strip it out and get rid of it. It slows down the site, and the only reason to gather that data is to sell it to some shady 3rd party, which we do not plan to do.

We'll be looking more in to that over the coming weeks and seeing if there are inbuilt data harvesters, that's a great concern that I'd only really considered for mobile so far (because it used to be slow). But point being, we don't want that either so we will root it out if we find any.

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Thank you! This is the page I mentioned, could be hidden within this website too.

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Ah yeah, thanks for that link. I'll look in to this more. We at least don't have a corresponding so we've got that going for us. I'll have a look under the hood about this personalization stuff over the next week