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dude, put down the kool-aid, go outside, and get some fresh air and sunshine. get some of that vitamin D in you, and take off the tinfoil hat. One major sign of schizophrenia is making arbitrary connections in the way you've just demonstrated. accept reality and move on. don't just make up alternative realities to sound like you have some info the rest of us don't (and that that somehow makes you smarter with your conspiracy "logic" that has no goddamn MOTHERFUCKING BASIS IN REALITY!!!!!).

He died of suicide.

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If you can't argue your point properly and have to insinuate the people you disagree with have a mental illness to win, then you might need to rethink your debate strategy. Please respect the pyramid of debate on saidit and attack the argument not the person.

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your pyramid of debate can suck this dick lol you can believe whatever stupid, scatterbrained shit you want