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I find this suspicious for a number of reasons.

  1. He said if he was ever going to go out, it'd be with Heroin. He also said in recent interviews he wouldn't kill himself because he has a 11 year old daughter and wants to live for her.

  2. His former girlfriend Asia Argento accused Harvey Weinstein of rape. This could be a pedogate coverup, as Bourdain likes to do expose`s about touchy subjects.

  3. He just recently released a video exposing the Armenian Genocide.

  4. There is lots of talk he is a potential CIA asset, given his ascent to CNN and his connections

If he was about to do a big expose` about Weinstein or a pedo group, I could see them taking him out for this.

Also he died in Paris.

Also just a week ago, Kate Spade died of suicide by hanging, who was married to David Spade's brother.

Also 160 children were just found and released from a pedo ring in Atlanta. CNN (Bourdian's network) is basically refusing to cover this on their news coverage.

I don't believe in the Q stuff, but Q said this is "suicide week"

Also the Dutch Queen's sister just committed suicide by hanging as well, at the age of 33:

This is a family that has heavy Rothschild connections.

Something screwy is going on here. I don't believe Bourdain killed himself by hanging.

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dude, put down the kool-aid, go outside, and get some fresh air and sunshine. get some of that vitamin D in you, and take off the tinfoil hat. One major sign of schizophrenia is making arbitrary connections in the way you've just demonstrated. accept reality and move on. don't just make up alternative realities to sound like you have some info the rest of us don't (and that that somehow makes you smarter with your conspiracy "logic" that has no goddamn MOTHERFUCKING BASIS IN REALITY!!!!!).

He died of suicide.

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If you can't argue your point properly and have to insinuate the people you disagree with have a mental illness to win, then you might need to rethink your debate strategy. Please respect the pyramid of debate on saidit and attack the argument not the person.

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your pyramid of debate can suck this dick lol you can believe whatever stupid, scatterbrained shit you want

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Yeah, there's no way it was a suicide. Anthony was taken out cuz he's a good guy. I heard the "news" and said "yeah right" and immediately found the Weinstein link, which is obvious af, and thennnn I basically had to wait around bored at life until your interview on THC podcast happily surprised me on my birthday a fews ago :D rock on!! And respect to Anthony, I recognize.

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Happy birthday! I'm glad you liked the THC podcast, this info needs to be discussed!

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Thank you!!