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Note how they omitted the CIA importing HUGE drugs into the USA, as well as a bunch of other stuff.

See "Kill The Messenger" 2014 movie for a rare pretty good dramatic summary of part of that story.

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I wish to ask for your help finding an absolutely brilliant animated short film that has evaded all my searches.

Who are the artists and/or what is the name of the animated short film that concisely explained the Iran Sandinista Contras Affair?

It was made in the late 1980s or the early 1990s and I'd guess it was around 7 minutes long give or take a few. Among the mixed-medium collage they used maps, photos, newspapers, photocopies, ripped paper, objects, paints, and illustrations animated as a serious man narrates in accented English over sounds and music. It is a profoundly beautiful animation that is far from cartoony like the animated American Dad Oliver North. One of the repeated motifs features Catholic rosary beads with crucifix dangling, rotating, and cyclically morphing into and back from a dangling bullet bandoleer with AK-47. More specific details fail my memory.

Video links would be HUGELY appreciated, as would any other details.