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Awesome, informative post, thank you for sharing! I love art, and I love a-ha! I used to hate them ironically for some reason (prolly cuz my parents loved them and i hated all of their music when i was younger), but really got into them in the past year.. they're great. As a kid, I even used to listen to this and never realized it was a cover of them lmao.

That mini YouTube series you shared on the making of the song/video is really good!!

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Thanks for the appreciation. I never know if a post will even get noticed or not. So often the ones with the most effort get the least notice and vice versa.

I loved my parent's 60s and 70s music, as well as the classical to disco to very early electronic (Tomita, Vangelis, etc) and world music. I still have much of their vinyl, with my own.