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The Wikipedia article seems to be acceptably neutral in its language. However, a "controversy" subsection of the Death section should probably be added, since there is apparently a controversy.

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This is NOT Wikipedia.

This "controversy" is BANNED on Wikipedia.

On Infogalactic I prefer to present the "official" corporatocracy narrative along side the alternative perspective(s) and let the reader determine what is controversial or not for themselves.

Feel free to join InfoGalactic and contribute uncensored.

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I know. I was referring to the Wikipedia article.

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Good luck with that. Their system is utterly rigged. First you need a citation. Because it's a controversial "fringe" topic you'll need multiple citations from "reliable" sources (corporate mainstream media, not counting RT, Al Jazeera, etc etc etc) - and not independent "fringe" sources. And it doesn't end there...

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To be fair to them, they're trying to create an encyclopedia. It's only going to be accurate on stuff from hundreds of years ago, or completely apolitical topics, because of all the propaganda.

However, I think you should try to add in a "controversy" section. Try to write it as neutrally as possible, and keep it under 2 paragraphs with a short quotation, and source everything. So long as you keep your sources away from "Conspiracist sites such as"[1], you should be fine. That includes and stuff like that, which I've personally noticed to be frequently unreliable! But I'm certain you'll be able to find decent sources on this topic, if you look past the clickbaity pseudo-Truther sites on the first few pages of search results…

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I didn't try to correct 9/11 or even the 9/11 conspiracies article (both terribly inaccurate) but I was trying to correct obvious mistakes on the 9/11 Truth Movement and that shit is locked down and guarded by Nazis.

As I stated I tried to add "allegedly" and they gave me shit about it.

You try if you think you can.

Controversy and alternative perspectives are forbidden.

Na man. I've been there. I got banned for a YEAR for being "another polite truther."

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Wow. Appeal, maybe? Easiest way for a policy change.

Try making a more substantial (REALLY neutral) contribution, instead of such a little one.

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Good luck.

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Oh, it's not the sort of article I'd edit for accuracy; I don't know enough about it.

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"another polite truther" isn't an argument, but would be a cool username.

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For your convenience I'm copying Reference #19 (it's not really a citation because I can't point you to my email):

" On 2016-08-19, I, User:JasonCarswell, simply added "allegedly" to the police statement on the Wikipedia article. It was promptly reverted. On 2016-11-05 I received an email from "Walter Bubien". It wasn't until 2017-02-15 that I replied to that address about how I had posted this testimony here. He has not responded nor contacted me again further. His email opened with, "Jason: I tried to post on 11/04/16 and 11/05/16 to the "talk" page of where you also commented. My post was along the lines of your post. Tried twice and it was taken down twice in a few hours. Maybe you can get it posted to that page, and get it to stay there. Copy of my post is as follows:" I knew it wasn't going be accepted on Wikipedia as I had my own problems and was banned for one year from December 2016 to December 2017 for being "another polite truther". I took the liberty of editing and improving his paragraph and posted it here. More details are available upon request. "

If anyone is interested I can forward them these 2 emails mentioned under Reference #19 - his initial email and my response (there are no more) - as long as you promise not to spam or harass Mr. Bubien - or me. Feel free to ask him questions but don't be a dick. My email is not a secret and you may correspond with me too, but I don't check it often.