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Many people think Burning Man was inspired by Wicker Man but all the founders refute that. The original figure was only 10 ft tall and every year got bigger until it was not only comparable in size but larger than the Wicker Man. Many have said that it was an effigy of an exes new boyfriend but that's false too. It just was a simple bonfire more interesting than a pile. In Canada we've burned wood moose statues but that doesn't mean we worship Baal. Unless I got duped... Maybe I should ask for a refund or a better deal with the devil...

We also built large structures in the desert to eventually burn them. So far I haven't heard any comparisons to police stations or other burning buildings.

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I was slightly disappointed when I found out that it wasn't related, I'll admit. I found out more about the Bohemian Grove lore though, and a stream of different neat shit after. I also found out that the book that The Wickerman is based off of is a difficult read and I (a person that could usually eat books in a day) haven't been able to fucking finish it.

You should probably work on that deal though.