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Ren Faires are a lot of fun. I don't have a clue what rainbow gatherings are.

They're relatively inexpensive to get into though. Do you guys have a Medieval Times nearby?

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I went to a Medieval Times in Toronto for my 31st birthday I think. Interesting I guess, predictable, not something I would do again.

I've been to 10 Burning Man and countless regional Burner events. Love them. There I heard about other things like Rainbow Gatherings and other hippie festivals. I can't say if I'd like them or not - and of course each event is unique

" Rainbow Gatherings are temporary, loosely knit communities of people, who congregate in remote forests around the world for one or more weeks at a time with the stated intention of living a shared ideology of peace, harmony, freedom, and respect. " ~

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Eh, the food is similar.. or the turkey legs anyway. Super tasty.

I looked it up a second ago in between browsing. To be fair, the STDs are probably airborne within a small radius outside of the gathering area.

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I can't imagine a gathering of people out in nature to not have copious sex.

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I used to host orgies at Burning Man. Good times. Caught nothing.

Not all "gathering[s] of people out in nature" are the same. (ie. Classical music in the park.)

Unless you are the greatest alpha male or female, or are married, and/or are a killer swinger, everyone else SEEMS to be having more sex than you. If that's not a maxim it should be.

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Jokes aside, I won't argue that the premise of the event sounds pretty great, mostly the natural medicine area--which I would be all the fuck over. The promiscuous sex part squicks me out though, man. I'm monogamous and married normalfilth, but not sexless thankfully.

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I can't speak to other events like the Rainbow Gathering, but it was illegal to have open sex at Burning Man, and often enough in the day or at night stupid people got busted for it.

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That's sort of understandable.

As far as really fucking cool events go, I've wanted to go to this since it's inception. Have you heard of it or considered events like this? :

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" About Viridis Genii
The Viridis Genii symposium is an exploration of the greater mysteries of the Herbal Arte and how it manifests itself within all traditions, cultures and practices –the Craft of the Wise. Our desire is to move beyond the mundane and explore those mysteries in greater depth, fostering an environment where the green mysteries thrive, nourish and become one. "

Sounds interesting. I can guarantee you that you'd find at least as many Burners into that, including my ex, a Naturopathic Doctor, though they may not all organize and meet at Burning Man. The Burning Man community exists year round and does much besides the event with many overlapping circles of interest, though of course some people only do the event. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the Viridis group attends.