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I love this youtuber! She has the best and most informative content and is hilarious.

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I'm a dude, not that it matters, and I don't watch many "sewing" channels, but I don't let my needle stop me so I also like Bernadette Banner and the other Peacock Dress lady who's more about motivation than fashion. I like a little of this and that in all DIY fields - from woodworking to art restoration to electronic gear to off-grid life in Earthships, sustainability, etc etc etc.

For 30 years I used to think sewing was a "fem" thing - then, preparing for Burning Man my friends were having a sewing party, I was shocked people were throwing out big scraps of costuming stuff. I said they could make this or that out of them. They showed me how and to do it myself. I had a MAJOR epiphany when I realized I could customize any fucking thing!!! OR even make my own custom stuff (poorly done, but solid (overstitched just in case) and very unique)! Sew, I sewed my ass off. I ripped the outside seam of most of my pants and put in a very tall triangle of whatever dynamic coloured scraps I had and suddenly I had a whole bunch of brilliant bell-bottoms with a coloured stripe down the outsides, many with custom pockets, cuffs, etc. I made countless fun fur pouches/purses with scraps and a bunch of free zippers someone got somewhere and made gifts of them - always well received though ultra simple. I even got some fabric and made a simple dramatic multipurpose cape. I've been almost tempted to buy a sewing machine of my own.

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It’s the best feeling when you put in something you’ve customised or made from scratch, hey. Menswear seems to be almost all the same five patterns for bottoms and three for tops.

The fur purses sound really fun.

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I resemble that remark.


But seriously, men obviously don't have as much diversity as women do for fashion but seriously there is absolutely no limit to the potential. I think it's terribly limiting to portend there's only 5 and 3 options.

Take a square patch of scrap and a zipper, fold in half, sew up the sides, add the zipper to the top. Easy as heck!!! SUPER easy and cheap gifts for Xmas or whatever. Kids love secreting their things away. Dealing with fur is a little tricky, but the fur also covers up all your mistakes!

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You should totally just invest in a sewing machine. I also dabble, but going from hand-sewing to machine has been a game-changer in speed, and just trying things out. It's so much easier to just try again when you only spent 15 minutes sewing something rather than an hour.

And I agree it's amazing when you realize you can customize anything. My thing is that after learning sewing, I can make cheap accessories or embellishments that otherwise would cost a lot.

Feel free to post your personal diy stuff in this sub. I don't know anything about Burning Man fashion, so it would be a welcome addition.

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Burning Man "fashion" is whatever you want it to be...

This is me over a dozen years ago: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 , 7 , 8 , 9.

Not remotely as radical as I would have liked, but I had a limited budget so I was more practical. If I was making consistent coin I would have invested in some serious expression. I lost ten years (long story) and am now older, different, and fat. I still hope to return one day, though considering current politics, my getting deep-woke and activism since then, and everything...

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These are so cool! Honestly I would advocate for you wearing those every day. Or at least on weekends. Back before the corona days there were even alt fashion conventions and events you would have fit right into. I don't see why politics would be a problem thought. Most of my acquaintances in the alt fashion community are ultra woke (while im center). It's more about just finding an occasion or outlet a few days a month.

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I didn't need an occasion to wear my alt stuff, but I did try not to wear out certain things, until they were too broken in to worry about, thereafter I'd just wear them all the time. I used to be far more active so there were usually at least 4 events a month to really get fancy for.

Burning Man politics was across the spectrum. Many folks came from SF and LA with a variety of views and of course a lot from the Reno area where it was held - but there also many of us from other countries (a lot from Canada) and of course NY, Florida, Texas, etc. Back then 1999-2008, there wasn't the insane division there is now, though there was a lot of anitwar art since the Iraq War was new and there was still a peace movement.

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I love Bernadette Banner. Her videos are very informative and extremely eloquent. Get a sewing machine though, and a serger if you can. I picked up a Brother CE7070PRW, and it's got 70 different stitch types. The serger is more to finish the edges on your projects, but it adds a lot of versatility to what you're able to do. There are free patterns available if you are feeling like going down the Pinterest rabbithole, but even getting a basic pattern (Hobby Lobby had them at $1.99/pattern a couple of weeks ago) and altering around it to get the look that you're wanting opens up a world of options.

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Thanks for the gear recommend!

I bet I would learn a lot from patterns but I thin I would likely just start by adding bonus stuff to extant things then gradually get more ambitious. Also I'd likely stay clear of anything "refined" and embrace my limits. If I were to make a janky shirt I'd do my best of course, but also add other janky things (ie. crooked pocket, rips, random stitches, safety pin(s), etc) to make it look intentional.

"Until anon."

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You can always use clothes that you already have as a template too, it just might be a little tougher to get a good fit around your shoulders and chest. Thrift store shit is great for that too, since it's a lot less expensive and may not be a massive loss if you borked it. Don't forget about the instant seam tape as an option to at least temporarily hold a good seam. Beadwork, fake herbs, yarn, resin, felt, craft foam, the world is your oyster.

To be honest, there are some pretty great techniques that I've watched the guy on Black Magic(k?) Craft do with the little architectural creations he makes for his D&D nights. Some of it could be translated over into pretty interesting clothing, I'd wager.

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I love thrift/vintage/antique stores, however I have 4 big issues with them, in no particular order:

1) Occasionally, the smell.

2) Taxes. These things were already taxed. Why pay taxes again? SCAM!!! If anything they should be given Green tax rebates/credits or something.

3) There are some SERIOUS and under-reported second-hand monopolies in North American raking in MILLION$! It's a giant scam. All these big second hand stores have shitty lighting, are falling apart, etc etc etc but are raking it in. They get all the shit for free as donations - yet only give pennies on the dollar to whatever charity collected them (ie. Goodwill, Salvation Army, DiabetesForKids, etc) - BUT they never disclose the breakdown or info, certainly not on their websites. It's a fucking racket. Here in Windsor, Ontario (and in Vancouver, BC) one is called Value Village, but if I recall correctly, they and several other similar chains in the USA are owned by a single family.

4) If you want more of the same item you will never find it (ie. to find in your size, better quality, like it a lot, etc). It may have once been mass produced, but they're all essentially one of a kind for all intents and purposes.

Never heard of instant seam. Sounds like the thing I've been dreaming of. I'm picturing a double sided tape that you iron until it melts and permanently seals it until you forget that you can't iron it or leave it on your dashboard in the sun. Of course I'd have to buy an iron.

"Beadwork, fake herbs, yarn, resin, felt, craft foam, the world is your oyster."

Well, as a dude and not a fan of seafood, I'll pass. Though I do like a simple feather now and then. Or for Burning Man, a few pheasant pheathers in my cap.

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Erf, yeah. I get it, I've got the nose of a bloodhound. It seems when I go into places where things are old there's like a miasma of dust, mildew, or in Goodwill there's an overwhelming smell of cheap laundry detergent that's strong enough to pierce whatever it is in the olfactory unit that instigates a sneeze.

I'll agree that it's a pain in the ass to pay taxes on purchases where taxes were already paid, but I go when there are 1/2 off tag sales.

Unfortunately most places of business are going to do whatever they can to exploit the system and make as much profit as possible. Donations by people who just want that shit out of their spaces makes it all the easier.

It's double sided tape, you're right. Peel n' Stick fabric fuse tape. Doesn't require ironing though. It might get fucked up in the sun though, no promises.

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"Unfortunately most places of business are going to do whatever they can to exploit the system and make as much profit as possible. Donations by people who just want that shit out of their spaces makes it all the easier."

It's not just a place of business. It's a completely rigged and monopolized network that includes the charities' complicity. Further, they throw out most of it. It's actually obscene. And part of it is because our consumerist culture is focused and dependent upon the perpetual turn over of "disposable" goods. If we built things to last of quality then not only would consumption go down but so would poverty (and profits), and the environment would do better. But that's not what the corporatocracy wants.