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Honestly, no. Like, the style came from the music. It's a scene, not a fashion sense. Like, the most people can be is posers and fuck those fakers.

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I love goth styled women. But the music does nothing for me at all.

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You do you. Some people do their fashion well, some don't. Some music is good (subjectively), and some isn't. Some is both, neither, or a combo. It's not dependent. Unless you say it is, to you.

TIL the diff between Goth and Gothic. I've always liked Goth but never fully embraced it, in part or in whole, largely due to a limited budget and sooooo many other genres to also embrace. I feel like I kinda missed out because I never committed to any one thing, (in part because I didn't want to alienate girls that might be in other genres - lame I know). Eventually I kind of leaned into a sporty cybergoth thing, heavy into Bassnectar, Burning Man tribalism, and the like. Neat that she's from Toronto. I was pretty familiar with their scenes in the 90s and 2000s.