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And we're back! Easier fix than I expected

Edit: Down again. I think I might have accidentally killed the server myself by accident but there could be more shenanigans at play

Edit #2: OK back for real this time

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Can you explain a little about what AltBase is? It's not immediately clear from the homepage, and the About page is empty.

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It shouldn't be empty -

AltBase (Alternative-Right Database) is a publicly accessible database of sources, claims (e.g. quotes, conclusions, talking points, statistics) and images that have been suppressed, censored, or ignored by mainstream media outlets and leftist academia. These sources, facts, charts, and tables are organized through a tagging system that allows for easy querying by topic.

Basically it's an interactive database of images/sources etc. to use for your online argumentation for race-realism, IQ, etc

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    Sure, thanks for your interest. I'll add them in the next update (but no sources will be automatically tagged as such, probably)

    Right now logins aren't working and I haven't figured out why. If they were, you could just sign in and replace the broken link with the working one yourself. I probably won't be able to fix this for a week or so, unfortunately.

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      I've been working through a combined 'fact dump' made out of different fact dump posts on s/debatealtright,

      Oh great, I'd be happy to have them added

      Is there any way to submit multiple links

      For a single source, "no" - but, you could put the additional links in the "Source Notes" section if you wanted to save them with the source. I would need to decouple the URLs and Sources in the database to accommodate multiple links for one source. It's probably a good idea to have those backups in the future, but the 1:1 Source:URL relationship is how I started out and it would take a significant amount of re-architecting to change that. Of course, you can change the URL for a source anytime if it breaks and you find a new one (or just report it as "broken").

      I have about 20 entries which do not appear at all to have yet been added to AltBase. I have also found more links for a number of entries which have already been added.

      Great. I'd say "add away" - but unfortunately right now the "sign-in" feature isn't working because of changes I had to make during the DDoS. I'm uploading a new version of the website soon (like, today or tomorrow, hopefully) with a few additional features and bug fixes, including that one. I'll let you know when that's done.

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      New version is up, so you should be able to create and account and add stuff. Let me know if I can help or you have any questions/suggestions

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      Hey - have you tried adding any of your facts/sources?

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      I updated your link and added your tags. As I said earlier, existing claims aren't going to "inherit" these tags - so they'll be useless unless you wanted to add/edit material and assign those tags.

      In the future, I want claims to inherit certain tags (e.g., something tagged "#IQ" automatically gets tagged "#psychology", likewise "#violentCrime" inherits "#criminology")