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I do not doubt the eventual end of civilization but hawking a 1973 piece of shit old ass computer as correctly predicting it is about stupid.

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Do you think a 2021 piece of shit new ass computer as correctly predicting the eventual end of civilization is any less stupid? "Climate change and/or COVID will kill millions/billions! But here, take this vaccine and stunt your life and you might survive."

The real point is: 1) garbage in garbage out, 2) they've been selling us doom for decades, 3) the ruling class has been trying to control us forever, 4) they want to make the doom happen so they can claim more power, 5) this is pre-Agenda 21 yet the same. Same old same new.

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Looks like you are on point.

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I especially "like" how they bring the President of the World Bank who says "national sovereignty must be eroded so that we can take control of the governments and make them do as we wish" with more convoluted sentences.

How little those assholes have changed.

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How little those assholes have changed.


The video(s) (and series?) I am working on aims to provide greater contextual understanding and explain how they haven't fundamentally changed other than re-rigging this new Great Reset along changes of preferred nations on "their" enslaved planet.