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The 1859 Carrington Event (powerful CME from our sun) caused the polar drift already underway to do a complete 180 degree reversal in direction. In the past few years, the drift has been accelerating to an unprecedented speed, and at the same time, earth's rotation has been speeding up to the fastest ever recorded.

Could be some exciting times ahead.

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Impressive how even saidit peeps don't seem interested. I mean, it's ONLY the fate of civilization, the planet and the entire human species...

Hm, yeah let's go back to talking about how reddit is so unhealthy. Right?

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The theory checks out with everything Graham Hancock has written on the subject. The remains of the meteor shower that hit the Earth about 13,000 years ago is coming around again. There really is a reason that 150+ cultures have a flood "myth" is because it is not a myth. Hancock's books are very readable and he is such a good researcher that he has convinced some academics. He doesn't have much respect for them. They are called academics because what they say doesn't really matter very much.

Don't be too critical of the conspiracy group here; we and most of the rest of the world are a bit overwhelmed by the huge con being pulled right now by Gates & Co.

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Both the scamdemic and the upcoming ELE are parts of a whole IMHO. I'm thinking painting the big picture might help some people see it.

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Not refuting anything you said and I think Hancock is covering the broadest possible picture.

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I'll have to check out Hancock then. I think I saw a TED talk by him once and was impressed.

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. There really is a reason that 150+ cultures have a flood "myth" is because it is not a myt

If we still lived in oral history times, Houston would have created two flood myths in the last two decades.

I suggest flood myths are common because flooding is common, and without technology you have no way of knowing a local flood was not global.

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Yes, but not the kind of flooding that causes sea level to rise roughly a hundred feet when a large part of the North American icecap melted 12,800 years ago. Now that's a flood.

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I think people have heard so much propaganda about "the climate" that they're inclined to tune out this kind of thing. Plus it's off in the future, and there's real stuff happening right now that could get many of us killed way before our sun burps.

It's a fascinating phenomenon, but in this world it's only going to appeal to a niche group, at least until it gets closer and the signs are more irrefutable.

Good to see you on those other sites!

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When the signs become irrefutable, it'll be happening right THEN. A micronova makes the Sun look odd for what, a week before new microtektites form on the ground? I'm not saying there's an easy way out of this ELE either... Musk might be on to something...

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Hm, yeah let's go back to talking about how reddit is so unhealthy. Right?

That was downright traumatic and it actually happened. Your thing sounds pretty sketch.

They're not heavy enough to rotate the ENTIRE Earth to a more natural position of these masses being at the equator. A rotating, empty ball with heavy masses at its rotation poles would naturally rotate to have these heavier-than-elsewhere masses at its equator, due to centrifugal force

Centrifugal force is why they're at the poles.

The locking mechanism of the Crust onto the mantle, via the low-velocity zone, is MAGNETIC

Mars lost its magnetic field and everything is dead on it, but it didn't lose its crust.

. Why? Well, every 12,000 years or so, there is an ELE (Extinction Level Event) that destroys civilizations. Atlantis 12,000 years ago

Atlantis was just a city, modern humans have survived for the past 2 million years. You narrowing down the end to 10-25 years... Well, I am doubtful.

This is because these dj0o supremacists believe, in their demented way, that if they somehow create the proper conditions as dictated by their demonic religion, they can FORCE their "messiah" to come and save them.

That you're totally correct about. There's a psychological need some people have for all life to end with their lives. I guess it's disturbing to think our lives are meaningless blips that don't matter.

It has to do with Israel since Jews being there is required for the end times.

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I didn't write that centrifugal force didn't work now and would only start working later. I am stating that the crust is locked onto the mantle and thus any forces concern the locked-together complex. As the crust unlocks, then the forces apply independently to each part.

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You said these masses would be more natural at the equator because of centrifugal force but I think it makes sense it's at the poles.

This makes me want to blind email somebody who studies this stuff for a living.

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This would be a great guy to email about it. Let me know what you hear or find out if you do.

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I was thinking someone off a university site, some rando who wouldn't have a horse in the race, hopefully.

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Seriously if your IQ is this low, you really shouldn't try discussing science. Stick to learning 8-letter words, then 9, then 10...

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You don't gotta be mean about it.

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You narrowing down the end to 10-25 years... Well, I am doubtful.

How fast and how far do you think the poles can drift before the flip takes place? The acceleration graph is going vertical. Go to the website and watch the 'Catastrophe' playlist for more detail on 'how it happens'.

Then you'll have something to research and/or criticize. At the very least, you're going to find far more evidence than you're expecting. Within the past year, I've begun seeing some articles from 'real scientists' saying new findings show past polar flips resulted in great extinctions.

Neanderthals died out after Earth's magnetic poles flipped, causing a climate crisis 42,000 years ago, a study says. Earth's magnetic poles flipped 42,000 years ago, which may have triggered a global climate crisis, a new study found. ... The event may have ultimately contributed to the extinction of Neanderthals.Feb 20, 2021

Still plenty poo pooing anything that doesn't fit their dogma. But it's pretty common for new ideas to be rejected until they can't be denied any longer.

I'm not saying this is real and guaranteed, but there's a plausible case for it.

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I am more concerned about what very well might be the biggest stock market crash of all time looming. I'm not even sure I'll be alive for this pole shift.

The magnetic poles are reversing, that doesn't mean the polar caps will move, besides ya know, melting.

And it's definitely going to fuck shit up, but an ELE?

I'd love to read any evidence. My tolerance for videos of any significant length is low.

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It's starting to look like all the problems for humanity and our societies are coming to a head at once.

There's one long video in that playlist that lays out the whole theory, and the rest are pretty short. The daily update video is almost always under 5 minutes, and usually cites papers with links you can go read. They're not always specifically about the upcoming catastrophe, but usually cite various aspects of earth and space weather.

that doesn't mean the polar caps will move,

The range of possibilities goes from few effects, to earth's rotation stuttering resulting in major ocean 'slosh'. It's too soon to know what exactly will happen until more effects are seen. [4:37] (daily update for today, some goodies for you, with links below) (Catastrophe playlist)

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"It's starting to look like all the problems for humanity and our societies are coming to a head at once."

Mhm, mhm. It would be great if all us regular folks would take an interest in this.

As you said earlier, there are more pressing issues on most of our minds, even though we could deal with some of the lesser, more in-our-face problems by dealing with the larger, more occulted ones.

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Unfortunately, the commonality that seems to define regular folks is our ease of being manipulated and exploited by "the elite". They've openly flaunted their 'takeover' of our government by installing a senile corrupt puppet, and we're all just watching them destroy our country.

To be fair, they've been controlling it for a long time, but they used to pretend not to.

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I have a hard time paying attention to videos, that's why I prefer to read.

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I also hate videos. As Node said, the content creator for that channel links to stuff often. I mine youtube for links, so I can read rather than listen.

You should do the same! It takes me a long time to find proper links to things unless I use information aggregators.

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What do you use to mine the links?

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My eyes, dude. Edit: I skim through videos for graphics, charts, or direct mentions, and I look at the video description for any links. Then I look up what I found.

Also, messaging these people oftentimes yields results.