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This is great. A very good write up. But we can't just play the defensive. On top of following this advice, we have to fight back. Monitor THEIR posting habits and get THEIR users/subreddits banned when they slip.

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AHS leaders (who are known as The League of Extraordinary Trolls) were invited to Reddit HQ to talk about their "work"

Do you have a source for this? I don't doubt it but this is news to me.

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I know its somewhere in this thread on kiwi farms but i cant be arsed to go through it again so have fun

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Bardfinn's fellow League member Drewiepoodle posted pictures on Instagram and Twitter of himself at the Reddit HQ together with Nika Dyen (who is himself trans), who is a Yale graduate and is Reddit's manager of internal communications. I don't have those links anymore but you can find them all in the KF thread. Drewiepoodle was supposed invited by Nika Dyen to lecture the Reddit devs on why they should allow The League to wreck havoc all over Reddit.

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Thank you!