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This one's juicy! I hadn't seen it before.

Alt, titled "Israeli Mossad agents monitoring 9/11 hijackers FR2 030205"

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They were not the 9/11 hijackers, because the planes that flew into the buildings were reinforced passenger jets flown as drones into beacons, as laid out in Operation Northwoods documents. All they were to do is create the needed narrative, fiction or not, w/ help from Mossad. The Zionist media who was briefed on these matters would then broadcast the needed injected drama based off these manuifactured narratives to paint muslims as the perps.

They were not monitoring them, but manufacturing the narratives needed to paint them as the perps. Likely, these muslims were part of the ruse and worked with Saudi intel., Mossad and the 5th column neoconservatives.

Once you understand that the planes that hit the towers facade were not the ones they claim they were, everything falls into place. They switches there transpondders in midair and the real planes flew to undisclosed military locations or simply changed their tail numbers.

Look at Mrs. Hoagland the day her son allegedly died on UA 93. She is on the news displaying duping delight, actually laughing and not in the least bit distraught. It is obvious from this account among other alleged victim family members from these planes that they were part of the ruse of mock vicsims. All of this was also laid out in the Operation Northwoods documents which made it clear that they would fake the deaths of hundreds and conduct mock funerals with willing fake family members involved to be broadcasted by the complicit media.

They proposed this back in the 1960's, they conducted it for real in 2001.

When peopele say Israel did 9/11, I laugh. Why? Because Israel is a country. Rather, it was a 5th column element in the executive branch of the U.S government, the neoconservatives, w/ neoliberal (Kissenger, Rockefeller) complicity, as well as the Likud party government in Israel and Mossad, i.e. Netanyahu. Elements in Israeli intelligence obviously had a hand and have infiltrated the U.S. government for decades.

Those are the entities who did 9/11. And they still control the executive branch of the U.S government. They are the same sociopaths and murderers that targeted congress w/ anthrax in order to scare them into passing the Patriot Act.

Now it is just a matter of who rigged the towers. Who created the military drills and NORAD exercises that day to confuse those not in on the conspiracy?

Who was the security contractor for WTC complex, who owned the WTC complex, who boasted about demolitions whilst working in WTC7. THe commonality is all these people are that they are Zionists and Neocons.

Obviously, they hired contractors to do the dirty work for them.

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Mrs. Hoagland

I'll check this out. Switching transponders in the air and having 2 planes worth of people in on the ruse and in hiding somewhere sounds like a lot of work.

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It is, but they did this, and air traffic control data, proves this. Also, I saved 20 vidios of Hoagland during 9/11, Jewtube deleted everyone of them, lol. What are they trying to cover up?

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I legit know people who died on 9/11. There's no reason to stash victims you can just kill. Just because their airplane wasn't the airplane that flew into the Pentagon doesn't mean it wouldn't be easier to kill them by ditching into the ocean. Weird conspiracy logic isn't a help.

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Just because their airplane wasn't the airplane that flew into the Pentagon doesn't mean it wouldn't be easier to kill them by ditching into the ocean. Weird conspiracy logic isn't a help.

Considering that no evidence depicts that what you said could have happened, but all the evidence indicates an Operation Northwoods method, and flight data proves this. I knew people who died at Sandy Hook too, believe me!!!!! Anonymous anecdotal evidence proves nothing. Just because they kileld people in the buildings doesn't mean the plane portion of 9/11 wasn't a psyop. No evidence exists that the planes were ditched into the oceans, all the evidence indicates that they followed the Operation Northwoods document percisely.

Apart from this author saying that Israeli had no involvement in 9/11, this book proves that the planes were drones.

I know victims who died on 9/11 too, but who is to believe me or you, nevertheless, that still doesn't disprove that the planes were drones. People died in the building, obviously, but the planes were clearly drones by the speeds they were traveling at close to sea level.

Dude, a lot of the alleged victims, MOCK VICSIMS, family members from the planes were dirt poor and now have millions of dollars for partcipating in the plane psyop. There was even a evidence of letsrollforums proving that the women was paid off tens of millions of dollars and they gave her an alias for the mock vicsim. They were drones. No evidence has ever existed that people indeed died on the planes or that the commerical airliners are tthe ones that hit the facades of the buildings, the evidence points to Operation Northwoods. The document clearly states that the jets would be switched in midair and the drones would take there place. The passsengers would then fly to an undisclosed military base with carefully created aliases. That is why every plane that flew that day on 9/11 which allegedly was hijacked were so low on the number of passengers, they were participating in the psyop. Hence, why so many of the passengers, were DoD, Hollywood celebrities, etc.

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Why would you give people millions of dollars when you can just kill them?

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There are many reasons, but clearly the planes that hit the buildings' facades were not the official conspiracy theories commercial airliners. They followed Operations Northwoods precisely.

There's even proof in the book I sourced that two of the planes never departed that day, the other two flew over a military base at the exact same time.

Then, you have the duping delight mock vicsim family members pushing the 9/11 lie and blaming Bin Laden the day of the event, displaying duping delight and calling for military tribunals. It all is just, too perfect.

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They planned it in the 1960's, they could have, and most likely conducted this same tactic on 9/11. Flight radar data proves this, without a doubt. WHich mean:

1.) The planes that allegedly departed that day, WERE NOT, the planes that hit the facades of the Buildings.

2.) The planes that allegedly departed that day. were switched in midair for reinforced remote-controleld drones made to look like passenger jets.

3.) They were flown into secure computer rooms with beacons.

4.) Either all the alleged passengers were killed at sometime, on some undisclosed military base OR, they were paid off and part of the ruse from the very begining; given huge sums of money to shut their mouths.

The latter has more evidence than all the other arguments.

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Was going to post a shorter version of this.

Also, I think that 93 actually emergency landed in an Indiana, or Ohio airport.

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I do too. They simply blew up a small hole into an abandoned mine and said, hey look this is where UA93 crashed. I believe they planned this crash, as the patriotic, feel good narrative years in advance. They didn't do a great job at it though.

What is even more revealing is that the hole has a scar that the media and goverment said was where the plane wings hit. Indeed, It looks like plane wings hit the geound creating a long SCAR IN THE EARTH. The problem with this narrative is that NASA earth imagery shows that in 1994 this scar was already there. Which means they picked this location for this marrative well in advance.

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The crash site is ridiculous. No planes. Nothing. No one who was on-site was fooled.

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Sounds right to me. It should be '9-11 Hijackers'... It's kinda strange that this happened in Hollywood, Florida.

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There's no such place as Hollywood.

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FUnny enough, that is also where, close by, someone jsut so happened to die from anthrax, of course these muslims perps could not get military grade anthrax. So who did it? Mossad, and the 5th column neocons of course. Don Kagan the DAY OF 9/11 was teh first person to state that the Muslims who did 9/11 also had anthrax and would use it on the America people, lol. They screwed up on that because the Anthrax was made in the US and/or Israel and was highly sophisticated. The neocons then had to change their double perp blame on Iraq and Al QAEDA, switching to a lonewolf, so that they wouldn't be found out. They first blamed it on an American chemists, who thenm sued for Libel. Then they blamed it on Bruce Ivins, a dead guy, who did not do it.

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Oh fuck Hollywood FL is in Broward county. I'm pretty sure they have a portal to hell there or something. If I was forced to nuke somewhere, they'd be near the top of the list.

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It is literally the capitol of the PSYOP.

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Three steel towers fell. But 19 passports survived. Box cutters abound. None of it seemed real.

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19 passports didn;t survive. Stop with the disinfo. I believe two or three did, but they didn't because we have to take the FBI's word for it, and they're known liars. Because the planes were drones, then the passports were obviously planted.

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That's the point.