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Wikispooks' busiest day of the year:

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It's not antisemitic if it's the truth.

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No, not Israel. But the Likudniks in the Israeli government, Zionists, and the 5th column neoconservative (neotrotskyites) in the executive branch who conducted the needed policy coups. The anthrax attacks were also most likely orchestrated by the neocons. They are all Zionists, crypto ot not and are fond of Netanyahu and the Likudniks.

Everywhere you look, the criminals are Jewish neocons, or Zionists who have soem connection to the Likudniks. And they hired Mossad to created the needed narratives for the simulated, fictional hijacker stories ; w/ saudi intelligence involved. Swiss intelligence and Austrian intelligence were also involved. They also used the elevator renovations in 2000 to rig the core columns The world views art program was likely a legit event with Mossad posing as artists. Many of these nihilist artists boasted abut the destruction of the towers before and after 9/11. So, these Austrian Nihilist Jews knew something. Likely, they were the cover for other elements.

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Extraneous quotation marks!