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This is stupid. "UL's engineers are incapable of ever making mistakes, therefore the cOnSpiRacY iS rEaL!"

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Well, now we know that HopeThatHalps is a shill..

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As a bad person, it warms my dark heart to see people spend this day denying the nature of an event that violently ended the lives of nearly three thousands Americans.

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I'm sure it does, and that's why you're here to suppress information that may someday lead to some measure of justice.

The tragic part of this is that you think your part of something bigger, when you're actually being used; in a similar way to the IDF kids who are barely adults are sent off to terrorize the indigenous locals.

They end up with PTSD, and I'm fairly sure you'll someday wake up and realize that mistakes were made, but will remain confused as to the underlying cause. You'll likely live with similar regrets.

It's improbable that you will discuss these doubts/regrets with anyone else , and they will quietly affect you in your later years. Or maybe you'll remember this message, and understand it.

I'm here on the merits of justice. I will look back on these events, and feel that I tried to positively contribute.

These memories will continue to warm my heart. ;-)

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The only reason I can fathom that you would cherry pick singular points withing a larger story, the specific manner in which the structure of buildings failed, is that you fear the government, or you fear the very idea of government, and you will readily stand the bodies of innocents in order to placate your phobia.

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No one cares why you fathom anything.

Do you have evidence to support your claim.