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Same old arguments, nothing new here of worth.

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I disargee.

The University of Alaska Fairbanks Report came out in the past few weeks concluding:

Fire did not cause the collapse of WTC 7 on 9/11, contrary to the conclusions of NIST and private engineering firms that studied the collapse. The secondary conclusion of our study is that the collapse of WTC 7 was a global failure involving the near-simultaneous failure of every column in the building.

Also, I believe the questions and problems with the official narrative of 9/11 are well worth repeating until they are at least considered by our society as whole.

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Hey there disinformation bot.

Thanks for your shitty input.

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I don’t think the study proves who conducted 9/11. At this stage, I don’t think it’s incredibly important who conducted 9/11.

This is an important study because of its scope and its conclusions.

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I don’t think it’s incredibly important who conducted 9/11.

You don't think it's important that the world knows that Israeli agents planted explosives in the WTC buildings?

Obviously, the American government and corporate media were complicit, as well. Like Mueller's FBI who found the invincible magic passports.

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Background stories imply that Israel brainstormed the attack, and led the moronic Saudis to conduct it. NY Jews are much richer now.

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They had all this stuff on a shelf somewhere.

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Saudis had little to do with 9/11, other than working with Mossad to create the needed simulated hijacker naratives in Hollywood, Florida and their alleged commercial pilot licenses given to them by an Israeli pilot connected to Mossad and Israeli intelligence who worked for a defunct company w/ no Internet presence. How throughout!

We have enough evidence from MacQueen and Elias Davidsson to prove that the allaged passenger jets that struck the buildings facade were NOT the ones that alleged took off that day. What the 5th column in the executive branch did was have the military and air force conduct military drills and NORAD exercises to confuse the majority of those who were not part of the conspiracy. "Is this real life, or an exercise," they tepeatedly said in confusion.

When we observe flight radar it is obvious what happened. They simply followed the Operation Notthwoods playbook from the 1960's. Read the declassified document. It was proposed by two neocon Jews and other Zionists in the DoD who were particularly anti-Stalin and anti-Russian because the neocons were advocates of Trotsky world revolution. In the modern case of this ideology, these neotrotskyites such as Bill Kristol, Donald Kagan, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, who had a hand in the 9/11 conspiracy use the guise of spreading democracy, which interestingly, Trotsky notes in many of his works to achieve this revolution.

Operation Notthwoods was a DoD memo, that was turned down by KENNEDY, but passed by the senate which planned multiple false flag attacks. These attacks involved painting drones made to look like commercial airliners and blowing them up over the ocean or flying them into a targeted location. The memo planned to orchestrate real deaths and blow up boats to be blamed on Cuba.

What is particularly intererting about this memo is that it calls for MOCK FUNERALS w/ VICSIMS, and passengers with carefully created aliases. Thesemock funerals would be broadcasted on the TV and in thr newspaper as real deaths when the entire narrative and story of the victims on the downed commercial airliner drones was fictional. What happened?

In Northwoods memo they planned to have REAL commercial airliners take off with around 50-60 people who were part of the deception. The plane would then switch its transponder in midair w/ the commercial airliner drone and the real plane would then fly to an undisclosed military base.

We can observe that this indeed happened on 9/11. And it makes perfect sense considering the orchestrators are not dumb enough to have shitty pilots who couldn't even fly single cessna engines to botch their plan. All that was needed was a simultaed narrative to connet them to the event. The Zionist controlled media was able to hammer this narrative into our heads.

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So, it was drones made to look like passeneger jets that struck the buildings facade. Watch any video from Mrs. Hoagland and her alleged sons death on Flight 93 and the propganda narrative and lie of passengers downing the plane into a small hole. She is featured on the news the literal day of the attack laughing about her sons death, diaplaying duping delight. She was part of this Northwoods style ruse. So, yes, 9/11 had an element of PSYOP and hoax in its narrative.

Also, what about WTC7, wasn't flight 93 suppose to hit it? No, I don't believe so. I believe they screwed up on WTC7. It was suppose to be demolished as the building closest to it collapsed. It would ne demolished in the thick duat of the others. That of course, didn't happen.

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Thanks for sharing. Also hi there dude. I hadn't seen you in a while!

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hi man, good to see you too! i will be more online in a month or two, just easing back a little bit now

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I, too, love turning a tragedy into entertainment.

But the headline is wrong; the analysis is not new, in fact it predates the events of 9-11, which is why it was incorrect.

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the analysis is not new, in fact it predates the events of 9-11, which is why it was incorrect.

Do you have any evidence to back up this statement?