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Some people (neocon [neotrotskyite] traitors, Zionists, supranational elements w/ the help of MOSSAD and various other intelligence agencies) did something (3 controlled demolitions).

Also, that end clip, wtf? Kelley talking about how the working FBI theory is that the towers came down due to explosives at the base of the building? No, it was explosives placed in the core beams throughout the building. I think he did this so that people would make the connection to the wtc bombing in the 90's. Subsequently, to blame muslims.

It was essentially a Mossad operation with full cooperation and permission of high ups in the Anglo American establishment. That's why we see Mossad agents all around the simulated hijackers narrative. The Saudi hijackers, many of whom were connected to various intelligence agencies including Mossad, Shin Bet and some of their past family members, East Germany, were tasked with leaving a trail good enough for the Zionist media to play with. Likely, agents in the media knew 9/11 and the Anthrax attacks would transpire, hence all the foreknowledge and especially, the Likudnik Yinon Plan, and their US agents especially in Hollywood. An Israeli film producer close to Netanyahu made three videos all predicting 9/11 and the destruction of skyscrapers. Jewish comedian for SNL, Adam Mackay, predicted how 9/11 would transpire in a weekend update for SNL. Him being a writer likely created this script. He then went on to create VICE, blaming 9/11 on Cheney and US intelligence incompetence. The greatest irony if his crappy film was that he painted the Israeli government as not wanting to go to war or for IS military to bomb Iraq. When i fact Zionists and Netanyahu were some of the first people on US media and the BBC blaming Iraq and the Palestinians, lol. Then you have hundreds if not close to a thousand 9/11 predictive programming movies, TV shows, comic books, etc. I went through around 150 of them. Atill researching this aspect. What connection did I find?

92% of the 150 predictions of 9/11 including mostly the destruction of twin towers and planes hitting the towers, a few commercials which depicted the North, South and WTC7 imploding but all other buildings still standing (Boeing commercial, Hallmark film owned by the Crown and two Zionists) were created by Zionists or had majority Zionists as writers and directors of these predictions. How very interesting. Then you have music and bands predicting the destruction of the towers. Around 88% of 67 scenes I found were created by Israeli government supporters (Cover-art artists) and Zionist music producers. And these predictions from these bands, the band members were primarily Israeli government supporters. It was in actuality a tightly knit group all who had connections to Zionism and Israel.

The pentagon was a side operation that was carried out separately from NY and fully coordinated by the elites in the Anglo American establishment to cover up various crimes, investigations and accounting issues. The crimes of that day are still being used to authorize more needless warfare, more rights being obliterated and state measures designed to militarize the police, surveil all citizens, rid of habeas corpus and make everyone a belligerent under NDAA.

Regarding the Pentagon attack, one explanation I'd seen was that it was "necessary" so that the Bush administration could spout their claims that it was an act of war requiring a military response, rather than a crime to be investigated with subsequent prosecutions.

Then you have Rumsfeld on CSPAN, now deleted but saved locally on my hard drive the day before 9/11 talking about a new Pearl Harbor and that he, "wouldn't attack his own people." He says he "wouldn't strike the pentagon." Lol. Yup. Washing his hands it seems. In that same CSPAN speech that many truth seekers ignore and focus on the missing 3.2 trillion instead, Rumsfeld talks about the need for more centralization at the Pentagon.

That there are too many agencies with their own agendas. That we must amalgamate these agencies. He then goes on to talk about how fear scares the public and people into action, that it is very effective in getting citizens to willingly call for policy decision they may not of wanted if not for fear, AGAIN LOL. They are psychopaths and boast about what is coming.

Then you have zionist Hauer in the WTC7 bunker who was a key player in the Anthrax attacks (Operation Dark Winter) to push the patriot act through congress talk about how he loved demolitions just before 9/11. A little boasting by him.

The passenger planes were switched w/ drones, Operation Northwoods style. Northwoods was written by the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Kennedy administration. The tactics were introduced by two Zionists, Kennedy turned the Operation down. Look what happened to Kennedy.

Hating the political ideology of Zionism and apartheid, hating the crimes and state terrorism of Israeli government and Likudniks (founders of modern terrorism Lehi and Irgun) is not the same thing of hating Jews. It is a duty of decent human beings to stand up against Israeli war crimes, apartheid and illegal occupation and oppression of the Palestinian people. Anyone who thinks that is “antisemitic” is clearly supporting all those vile actions and simply hiding behind fake slurs and allegations of “antisemitism” in a pathetic attempt to whitewash the crimes of the IDF and the rabid terrorist leaders of Israel. It is a duty to speak up against injustice and oppression, and Israel is the master of this.