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Yeah, if you research these art students, they are not Israeli but Vienna Jews. They make perverted, I MEAN PERVERTED ART for elitists. They likely were NOT THE ONES TO RIG THE TOWERS, but a COVER for the riggers. I went through the world views residency project from 1998 to 2001, checked all the students and artists that attended. Specifically, the special projects, I cam upon an artist who did a special project in the world trade center, I beleive the North Tower o nteh 91st floor as did, teh E-Team and Gelatin. THis artist now has a book about the history of demolitions written in a cryptic artistic way. In it, he mentions the Twin Towers as a demolition and names many names including his demolition friends.

I believe Neocons planned the event, Mossad and various intel. agents from the US, Israel and Austria rigged the towers and the nihilist perverted artists were used as the cover. Too bad these artists basically boasted about helping to demolish the twin towers in their work.

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Hey. thanks for your information.

I liked how the video that it explained how strong these towers were. And that there was a good possibility to rig these towers.

It was a good action to track these students, and the contacts that were involved.

According to some, like the person who made the video, some art-students were related to Mossad. I don't know. They had enough time to install the wiring. I think that the wiring-boxes and the location are interesting clues. They also made pictures of people jumping out of windows, which is weird. They might have used these pictures in the 911 propaganda.

I think that every aspect of this needs to be investigated thoroughly. There could be another group operating next to them. Or they could be a planned diversion. But thank you for informing that these people might be innocent or distraction.

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They're probably not innocent, and two of the three groups I mentioend had some weird, elitist art project planned in the towers for 9/11/2001. They never showed up because the demolitions was most likely the real show. Afterall, these artists admit to focusing on so called deception art. I do not think these artists had the skill set to rig the towers, possibly a few agents were mixed in with them, but I doubt the entire nihilist group rigged them; which leads me to believe they're the cover for the riggers. The box sets with BB18 that can be linked to fuses and halliburten front company seems to be merely a ploy, a flaunt by these artists to boast about their help i nthe work. The idea was for researchers to focus on this group only, rather than the tenents. Think about it, these artists were on a few floors minimum and possibly were in the South Tower. So who rigged WTC7. Of course, researching these artists is vital because they obviously would have to knwo the real riggers and demolition team. And nihilists who lack any empathy for Human beings are a great cover. The problem is they like to boast about their participation in the crime and did so, before the towers came down and well after. Yes, hundreds of Israeli Mossad agents pretending to be art students all around the country were arested just before 9/11 and after, in what has been termed a spy operation. Also, the Urban Moving Van company was owned by Mossad agents. Interestingly, Dominic Suter now is in Switzerland working for the army.

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But this is probably the worst video to illustrate who rigged the towers.