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gootube has some doosies of yours, BBC, though.

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Lol like how NASA "accidentally overwrote" the original tapes of the moon landing. Like what the fuck. I think NASA is fairly legit, and but that bit of news just makes no fucking sense whatsoever.

Although I guess they did build a probe and forgot to convert from imperial to metric with one of their sub-contractors which caused the probe to crash... but still that's a much more easy mistake to make then over writing the original tapes. I mean could they not afford a file cabinet and label it with a sharpie and put a padlock on it? Seesh

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I suppose a backup tape would have been needless expense...

That reminds me "LOST DOCUMENTS"! Can we think of any other documents which were conveniently unavailable. i.e. for addition to

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I just don't know why you would ever delete the original. It's an artifact of human history... It should be in a museum or something

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In order to investigate this being a conspiracy, can someone inquire into the BBC archives on its other content? If there's loads of stuff they otherwise have, it increases the plausibility of the theory that they intentionally destroyed their 9/11 coverage.

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IIRC, they later claimed to have found the lost tape.