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Looks like you entered a forum which has lesbian and gay members and told them their sexual orientation was was an ideology inspired by porn. You also snapped (unwarranted, IMO) on a respected commentator, who expanded on one of your comments. Maybe that sub wasn't a good fit for you. Is s/gender_critical still active? Edit example:

EndTheTransPandemic 1 insightful - 0 fun - 2 days ago No, I mean young girls (or boy) seeing pornography and turning LGB or Transgender. We know most if not all TIM’s are pornsick men, so it would only be logical if the virus of pornography also turns children LGB. Girls see “lesbian” sex acts on film and slowly become attracted to them, same with boys. There needs to be some serious research on this kind of content since it’s pretty clear that it has some effect on children becoming LGBT later in life.

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