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So shouted three neighboring peoples "Forget the greatness you buried in the earth". I replied "Rise, you our grand vision of dominion of all the north." "That great dream inspires us still to strive for new achievements" "Let our graves rest, no give us great men in Science, in painting and literature." ... It's better to be reached by an avenger than to see your years run away to nothing. It's better that our entire people is destroyed and that farms and cities burn. It's prouder to dare your throw of the dice than to wane with expiring flame. It's more delightful to listen to a string that snapped than to never draw a bow. ... I awake in the night but around me is peace, only the waters storm and seethe. I could in longing throw myself to the ground like a praying warrior of Judah. I don't want to beg for sunny years, for harvests of gold without end. Merciful fate ignite the lightning that strikes a people with years of misery. ... Yes drive us together with lashes and the bluest spring shall bud. You smile my people but with stiff expressions and sing but without hope. You'd rather dance in silken dress than decipher your own riddle. My people you shall awaken to the deeds of youth* the night you can once again cry. ... May first you walk, you daughter of need who shyly your eye wants to cover. We love you so that were you dead our love would you awaken. If the night becomes sleepless, if the situation is dire we will not forsake you on that journey. You people, you land, you language that became ours, our spirits voice in the world.

*Deeds of youth here implies "heroic but rash deeds".