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I spent the 90's and every decade after that immersed in electronic music specifically BECAUSE that music doesn't send any specific message

Yeah and I respect that. A close friend of mine also hates rap and in the 90's he exclusively listened to metal or rock that he thought wasn't negrofied/overproduced. I myself didn't exclusively listen to rap as a teen. I liked a lot of Texas country artists. White blues artists. Classic rock. Jam Bands. etc. I did try to avoid some of the brainwashing. I did play sports though so I was constantly surrounded by blacks and Hispanics that listened to rap. Every dance and party I went to had rap and pop music. I listened to fit in.

I'm glad some whites avoided the pop thing. But it's getting harder and harder for young white men pre redpill to find anything that's not heavily compromised so I don't really fault anyone under 35 who listens to rap or hip hop. It's just part of living in clown world. We are all in some way corrupted by this piss earth.

I just think that what's Mr. Bond is doing has more nuanced and now he's in prison for his work and still never backed down or turned on his people. He deserves respect even if you don't like the music style and that's why I occasionally post or repost some of his songs.

free Mr. Bond

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Why is he in jail? His lyrics aren't worse than a lot of rap or hip-hop...

EDIT: oops he lives in Austria. Well yeah, that would do it.