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Lmao thanks bro - will check it out when I get off work. Much love xD

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rofl, your welcome :D

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fuck bro you are convincing me more by the second - it just looks like a fun gadget to mess around with honestly. Quick question - what does SWR mean? He might have mentioned it in the video but I missed it.

Also, what features make the cobra 29 LTD so cheap? Is it just very basic or what? I'm just also curious about the additional features higher quality cb radios offer

Thanks for putting me onto this shit man, I honestly never thought I would be interested in cb radios - especially at 20 years old lmao

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yea, the cb radio is alot of fun :) SWR means signal wave ratio, and your swr is very important to making your radio last a long time :) if you have a high swr, that means you have rf power going back into your radio, which isnt good.

the cobra 29 ltd, while it does have alot of good features for the price, it is a fairly basic radio for its time. its considered a good starter radio for those who are getting into the radio stuff. it doesnt have so much that a newcomer is overwhelmed, but it also doesnt have so few features that a newcomer would become bored of it.

higher quality cb radios, like the cobra 2000 gtl or the uniden president washington come with single sideband. SSB is a nice feature of these radios, since the carrier is removed, the transmitter is powered simply by your voice :)

some newer radios like the galaxy dx 959 or the anytone 6666n (this is built as a 10 meter ham radio, but it can be changed to transmit on 11 meters by inputting a code into the radio) have rogerbeeps. while this can be a useful feature, most just like to play with it causing irritation to more professional cb radio operators.

your welcome wellwellwell. its good to be interested in something like this. i look forward to welcoming you to the band when you get your radio :)

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Thanks for all the info, really appreciate it! I'll let you know when I get one - although it may be a while as they just cut my hours hard. No worries though; telling my boss that if I can't work full time by next week then I'm quitting and getting a job in retail. Pay is way better so might be able to expend a lil bit. Sorry - I'm one for oversharing lmao

But also, what's the difference between a 10m and 11m radio? Jw Thx again man, I'm excited to get one of these to test em out myself xD

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your welcome :D ah, thats gotta suck, shame on the mess when bosses get greedy like that. hopefully things go good either way :) and no worries about the oversharing :)

10 meters is an official ham (amateur) radio band. 10 meter ham radios are allowed alot more power then cb radio. anytone, icom, kenwood and yaesu ham radios often transmit 50-100 watts and sometimes have more features then even the best cb radio out there. the 10 meter band is about 28.4-29.7 MHz, where as 11 meters is 26.965 to 27.405 MHz with an fcc set power limit of 4 watts (12 watts ssb) :)