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Wavin and welcome to the cb radio sub.

11 meter cb radio is largely unregulated, unless you attract attention. Depending on how you operate your station, it can be safe. The closest thing to censorship on the band would be an agitator with a box.

The band is monitored, but by just hobbyists. In today's world of smart phones, their eyes are elsewhere. You can use various methods of rf encryption over 11 meters, they just don't like it.

Cb radios will be the best shtf radio, as no license is needed for operation. I believe when martial law is "officially" activated, ham radio operators will be told they can no longer operate.

Hope you like it, your welcome. If your interested in cb radio, a good starter radio is the cobra 29 ltd.

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wait, forgive my ignorance, but are you saying channels can be encrypted? To what extent?

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with todays technology, you can employ some unique encryption. Being a linux user, i can use my manjaro laptop to send a data transmission at like 37.3 kbps :)

there are many ways to make communications private over the 11 meter cb radio band :)

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Fucking sick

Alright pretty sure I just went from heavily considering buying one to absolutely buying one with that. How many people could speak on an encrypted channel at once? Assuming location is generally close. I'm not talking like a massive group here, but more like a 5 person conference.

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yea, its pretty cool :) the method i used as an example uses minimodem which is a linux command line application. like cb radio, minimodem is simplex.

this would have to be done as a professional cb radio net, otherwise people would likely be keying over eachother and transmitting data at the same time, and minimodem would just receive it as a jumbled mess.

another data method is SSTV, mainly used by ham radio operators, it can be used on cb radio too. with slow scan tv, a cb radio operator could send a picture to another cb'er.

minimodem would be the preferred method of comm encryption, in any shtf/martial law or other possible scenario requiring privacy. a group of 5 could successfully share audio encrypted information with the help of a net operator :)