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Other pages: Writing Basic Rules / Full documentation / Changelog / Converting to the new version

What is AutoModerator?

AutoModerator is a system built into saidit that allows moderators to define "rules" (consisting of checks and actions) to be automatically applied to posts in their sub. It supports a wide range of functions with a flexible rule-definition syntax, and can be set up to handle many common moderation tasks automatically.

What sort of things does AutoModerator do?

Some examples of common things set up to happen automatically through AutoModerator:

  • Send a modmail whenever something receives a minimum number of reports, or remove items that reach a very high number of reports
  • Assign appropriate link flair to submissions based on tags or keywords in the title, the source domain, etc.
  • Enforce required title formats, and leave a comment explaining to users how to properly format their title if they did not do so
  • Remove links to sites inappropriate for the sub, such as affiliate links or sites that otherwise violate the sub's rules
  • Report or remove comments or submissions containing certain words or phrases

How do I set up AutoModerator in one of my subs?

Note: In order to set up AutoModerator, you will need to have both the "wiki" and "config" moderator permissions in the sub. If you need to verify your moderator permissions, click the "moderators" link in the moderation tools box in the sub's sidebar.

To set up AutoModerator, all you need to do is edit the wiki page that defines its configuration for your sub. As soon as this page is saved successfully and contains definitions for any rules, it will start working immediately in the sub. You do not need to add AutoModerator as a mod of your sub, or do anything except edit this wiki page.

AutoModerator's configuration page is located at - if you visit this address and the page does not already exist, there will be a link to click in order to create it. For information about how to define the rules in this page, please see Writing Basic Rules or the Full AutoModerator Documentation.

If you need to stop AutoModerator in your sub, simply delete the entire contents of the config/automoderator page and save it. The previous version of the page will be accessible through the "history" link at the top of the page if you need to view or revert back to it in the future.

How do I get more help with AutoModerator?

If you aren't sure how to write AutoModerator definitions to do what you want, are having trouble with a syntax error, or otherwise need help with it, please post to /s/help.

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