SaidIt App Development Guidelines

SaidIt and Reddit

SaidIt is not Reddit! This document will help you to understand the differences that pertain to apps and clients.

Home page

  • Due to SaidIt's configurable home page feature, requesting returns content from an unknown sub! It could be /s/all or /s/subscribed especially if users are logged into your app/client. Instead, request 'Subscribed' content from /s/subscribed, and 'All' content from /s/all. Always request data from a sub and not from '/'. /s/subscribed is the default home page which includes default subs for guests.


  • Voting directions
    • Reddit: upvote 1, downvote -1, unvote 0
    • SaidIt: insightful vote 1, unvote insightful 11, funny vote -1, unvote funny -11
  • Vote counts
    • Currently not implemented, only score is available, see known issues below

Type Prefixes

  • Reddit: t1_ comment, t2_ account, t3_ post, t4_ message, t5_ subreddit
  • SaidIt: t1_ comment, t2_ account, t4_ subreddit, t5_ link, t6_ message

API Response Codes

  • 429 Too many requests: (nginx or saidit) rate limiting has blocked your request. Your app should not send excessive parallel API requests or should wait longer between requests or you should wait longer between creation requests
  • 503 Service Unavailable: SaidIt is down or your request took too long or your request caused an internal error

Known API Issues

API Documentation

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